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From Here to Yes: How to Negotiate a Raise

July 18, 2012

Featured, Job Scene

Poor economy, wage freeze, “I don’t want to loose my job”. These reasons and many others keep employees, especially women, from asking for a raise. What if you boss had already agreed to give you a raise and you just had to ask to have it implemented? That would be easier and less stressful for you both, right?

Going Up?

Well, here is the secret. Get the raise your boss already agreed you should have.

Have Your Boss Define Success: Do some groundwork before you begin to talk numbers. It is no secret that superstar performers get top in the compensation world. But how to get there? Well, why wander around until you stumble upon what your boss wants? Take a shortcut and have your boss tell you! Plus, when it comes time to get the raise, you will have followed the path set by your boss to get there.

Final Success is a Set of Intermediate Accomplishments: The old adage of plan your work, work your plan is meant for this. Your boss has told you what success is for you. Your job is to identify the intermediate accomplishments that will lead to the final success. Every big job, be it hitting a sales goal, landing a big account or completing a complicated project, can be broken down into smaller, but still measurable, tasks. These tasks should all lead closer and closer to the final destination you and your boss have identified as success. Focus every day on the exact small destinations that move you toward your ultimate destination. Move the necessary, but less pressing, items farther down your to-do list. Also, keep track of these intermediate achievements so you can identify them later on.

Have a Time to Review: Depending on your job, your time frame may vary, but generally you want to be in a position to implement a raise within six month from the time you have identified what you need to accomplish.

Commit to Be Successful: Once you have a destination and a roadmap, it is up to you to drive. Spend time at the beginner overall progress and decide if you need to make any adjustments. Repeat until you cross the finish line.

Exceed Expectations: Once you hit your goal, congratulations! Now do just a little bit more. This is what makes you a superstar.

Close the Deal: It is much easier to ask your boss to keep a commitment than it is to just ask for a raise. Now set up that meeting. You have kept your end of the bargain and it is time to ask your boss to keep his or her commitment. After all, you earned it!

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