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The Secret Way to Stand Out at LinkedIn

July 30, 2012



Thanks to mariosundar on flickr

Most business people know that LinkedIn is a great way to boost your business-focused social networking. With over 90 million members, and one new one every second, LinkedIn has become the go-to place for business networking.

Yet, many people do not complete a profile or use the standard format when they fill out the profile information. Its is complete, but not very interesting.

Fortunately, LinkedIn has an option to add life and pizazz to your profile. Most people not only do not use it; they do not even know it is possible. What is this secret, you ask? Video!

LinkedIn does not allow you to directly embed a video into your profile. But fear not, there is a workaround. You can use the Google Presentation application to get your video on your profile page. You will need both a LinkedIn account and a Google account for this to work as well a YouTube video to embed.

People who visit your site will be able to see and hear you talking about your business and the value you add to a project.

Thanks to TwoFreshProductions for this YouTube video tutorial:

Having trouble with the video? See it here.

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