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Too Rare A Breed: Women in Startups

July 19, 2012


Photo Credit: Reckless Dream Photography on flickr.

Much consternation has centered recently about the male-dominated world of tech startups. Beverly Tam, writing for Women 2.0, lists the reasons she found for the disparity. Dave McClure of 500 Startups recently exhorted women to focus on becoming angel investors in TechCrunch. Women Innovate Mobile started a women-centric startup accelerator. All noble pursuits, to be sure. Yet, with the tools for success easily accessible and the distribution channel to publish your products so inexpensive, the barriers to success are much smaller than ever before. If the problem is too few women in tech startups, the answer really is with and within women ourselves.

The New WWW = Whoever, Wherever, Whenever
The beauty of our current paradigm is that so much progress has been made in the critically impartant areas of access and meritocracy. Whoever has a great idea can use common and inexpensive, if not free, tools to bring it to public attention. The expansion of cloud-based design, programming, communication and collaboration tools has two fantastic benefits. First, creative people can find one another, regardless of how far apart they live. Second, teams can build a prototype and iterate it from far-flung corners of the globe. When creative people can connect and collaborate like never before, they can succeed like never before too.

Get All The Goods
A good idea, a good plan and good execution will not lead to success. You also have the good sense to continuously refine your good efforts until they lead to a great result. Then you have found the recipe for success.

A Little Less Conversation
While discussion about a problem is valuable, action is priceless. If you are a woman with an idea for a tech startup, decide what you need in order to proceed. Then PROCEED! Do you need technical training? It is available for free here and many YouTube resources are here. Do you need business advise? It is available here. Do you need a startup weekend? See here.

The Bottom Line
What ever the hole in your startup boat is, find it, fill it and keep sailing. The tech world is full of people and resources ready to help.

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