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Twitter Your Way to the Perfect Pitch

July 25, 2012


A successful pitch is a conversation starter. The objectives are to introduce your product, brand or service make the listener want to know more. Use the strategies of a successful Twitter post to capture someone’s attention and get a conversation started.

The First 140: Your headline should contain the most important information you want customers to know about your product, service or idea. Make it short; within the 140 characters that fit in a Twitter post. Once you have distilled the essence of your message, and give it some punch. Remember, your customers are probably in a hurry and they want to know why your message is important to them. They want to WHAT is important.

Bring on the 3 Feature Set: Now that you have provided a context for the pitch, support it with three key benefits. These benefits should directly support the headline. Provide information about WHY the product, service or idea is so good. Does it save the customer time, money or effort? Let your prospect know WHY they benefit.

The Supporting Cast: An example, user experience or statistic about how a customer benefits goes a long way toward reinforcing a positive product image. This provides the real world examples that give credence your product claims and tells the prospect HOW it will work for them.

This sort of pitch plan has many uses. This one page presentation gives employees an easy template to follow when talking to customers or prospects. For longer presentations, the pitch serves as a solid outline. Use the pitch to frame all marketing and advertising materials for a consistent message.

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