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Hey Salespeople! Leverage LinkedIn in 5 Easy Steps

August 29, 2012


LinkedIn is a powerful force for salespeople. Here is how to make it work wonders for you in just 5 easy steps:

LinkedIn Pen

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1. Complete your profile to 100%

Be sure to include a picture of yourself. (Just NOT wearing a lampshade!) You can learn how to complete your LinkedIn profile here.

2. Master LinkedIn “advanced search”

Use it to find the money and stay ahead of the pack. You can learn how to use advanced search here.

3. Be a follower

Learn how to follow clients, potential customers and your competition. With clients, pay special attention to who is coming into and who is leaving the company as well as open roles. AdWeek discusses the LinkedIn company follow button here.

4. Join and Contribute!

Think of LinkedIn like any other networking opportunity and work the virtual room. Find and join groups that match your objectives and talk to the members. Just like in the analog world, personal relationships matter and LinkedIn members want to know someone who provides real value. Check out a LinkedIn etiquette primer at CIO

5. Shine at Question Time

LinkedIn is famous for its Q&A sections. Share your expertise by answering questions others pose and you can be the expert LinkedIn members turn to for more help. Need some help in a new area? Ask some questions of your own. Malorie Morgan discussed using LinkedIn Q&A sections as a lead generation strategy on SocialMediaWire.

Whatever your tech-savvy level, it is never to late to become a LinkedIn master. You can use all the skills you have from traditional networking, plus you get more time to think of an answer! Share your LinkedIn tips below.

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